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Save Money With Couponing

Hey hey Thrifters!

Does anyone remember the TLC show "Extreme Couponing"? It was so much fun watching people navigate grocery stores, buy a bunch of items and only pay $1! As a frugal thrifty thrifter myself , this was so fascinating to me. I use coupons from time to time but never to this magnitude. It seemed so time consuming to cut out coupons, put them in binders, to read the fine print and to know the stores policies. Now in 2021, there are new ways to find coupons virtually and pretty much every store has their own app with the coupons built inside. So there is no excuse to not save money.

I recently interviewed Randis Doster, an extreme couponer from Pittsburgh who loves saving money and giving back to the community. She started couponing in 2017. Her first couponing experience was on October 11,2017 when she went into the local Walgreens and was able to get 6 laundry detergents for $0.60, using coupons! She's been hooked ever since.

She started couponing to save money and to collect donations for local nonprofits. She also teaches couponing classes to nonprofits for free to help others in the community learn this skill. In the past she has worked with Junior League Pittsburgh and The Center for Women Pittsburgh, as well as several other nonprofits in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Couponing is a combination of bargain hunting, shopping, and saving money which are just a few of her favorite things. She learned to coupon from a combination of social media, friends ,and family members. She showcases her finds on her Facebook Learn Black and on her Instagram Randomocrity

Check out our interview below!

If you are interested in having Randis present a couponing workshop for you and your organization please contact her at RandisDoster@yahoo.com.

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