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Feature Friday: 6 Things To Do With Your Stimulus Check By Tremaine Wills

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By now I’m sure you all know about the Stimulus checks the Government is giving to millions of Americans to help during this difficult time in America. This check is to help individuals and families which will in turn help the economy. Today I have Tremaine Wills founder of My Last Dime for feature Friday. My Last Dime is “committed to helping you get access to the resources you need to not only improve your finances but to also strengthen your community.”

Today Tremaine will be sharing 6 Things to do with your Stimulus Check

Many of us have been anxiously waiting for, after seriously denying that it would ever come, these stimulus checks. Well now that you have it, what should you do with it? Here is a list of 6 potential ways to spend your stimulus check. The biggest deciding factor is your access to recurring income. Are you currently unemployed? Are you receiving unemployment benefits? Are you essential personnel still risking contracting the virus because social distancing is nearly impossible for your job? Are you still employed and comfortably working from your in home office or couch? Read the suggestions below and then determine which makes the most sense for your needs”

Check our her link below to find out 6 ways we can benefit from your Stimulus Check 👉🏾


Thanks again Tremaine for contributing!

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