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Holiday Fashion Look Book: The Clothes Line

Hey hey Thrifters! 

Tis's the season of holiday parties and family get togethers. The one question on everyone's mind is -"what an I going to wear for all these festivities?" Well before you head to the retail store to find a new outfit for the occasion consider going thrift store to find affordable clothes and to support a good cause. This year I'm so honored to have the opuruntuity to partner with The Clothes Line in Pittsburgh to showcase their amazing thrift finds for the  holidays. The Clothes Line is the Women’s Auxiliary for Magee-Women's Hospital. It was established in 1937 and has more than 40 volunteers. The auxiliary is interested in meeting the changing needs throughout Magee- Women's Hospital of UPMC. They support projects raising funds to advance women’s health research and patient care. You can find their store at 4804 Liberty Ave.Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Check out some of my amazing thrift finds from The Clothes Line for the holidays! 

Vintage Chic Coats

 I love this red fur lined Joseph Horne peacoat. It reminds me of a vintage Jackie O look.I paired it with a gold pin and a simple elegant purse. This outfit would be great for a night out on the town with a significant other or elegant night out with friends. It's the perfect  look for a formal holiday event to wear over a nice cocktail dress or any other formal look. 

This black and fur Natalie Green by Bert Newman  coat is another great look for a formal look for the holidays. I draped it over this cute rose dress. Who says you can only wear floral in the spring? This rose dress is great for for holidays because it has the red for the flowers and a speck of green in the leaves. It's still festive without being over bearing. 

Fab Furs 

This year The Clothes Line donated furs to sell. They had a variety of beautiful furs, different colors and sizes. You may or amy not know furs can be super expensive. They are typically thousands and thousands of dollars. However this white long fur above was less than $500. That's right- under 500! What a great deal. This luxurious look is everything! I love it! This is great for the a holiday formal look or wear it all winter long. It's not just an affordable fabulous fur coat, it's also really warm. It's a win, win, win! 

This short  rich brown fur coat was a great deal too. It was less than $500 as well. This can be worn in a formal setting or a semi formal event. The collar and sleeves are so nice and is was warm. I really liked this look. It was super versatile. 

Casual Winter Plaid

 This fleece Ralph Lauren vest was casual, warm and comfy. I could wear it to run errands, wear it on a casual day in the office or just out and about. You can't go wrong wearing red plaid during the holiday seasons. You'll always be on trend with this look. 

 And this plaid turtle neck sweater is so cute! I love the colors and the print. It reminds me of wrapping paper :) I can wear this to work or a family holiday gathering. It's so easy to pair it with jeans, slacks and a skirt. 

Christmas Sweaters 

And of course we all need to stock up on Christmas sweaters After all, it is the season of the ugly christmas sweater events. Not all sweaters need to be ugly some can be holiday Chic. The Clothes Line has a good look selection of holiday sweaters. This one is a little more settle. It's a holiday neutral look. I could wear this to the company party, friends-mas event or family get together. 

 This is a Christmas sweater is a cute look for the holidays. It's definitely a step up from the ugly Christmas sweater party. In the past I would have called this mom sweater. Now I call it Christmas chic. Funny how things change! 

Overall The Clothes Line has some amazing thrifty finds for the season. be sure to check them out for your next holiday look. 

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