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Get Your Money Right!

Hey hey Thrifters!

A few month I asked you all on IG what money making moves should I bring to Thrift Out Loud. Most of you answered Get You Money Right! I'm so glad I got to interview Tremaine Wills founder of Mind Over Money LLC and the creator of the Get Your Money Right Facebook Group.

So what is Mind over Money LLC?

"Mind Over Money LLC is committed to being a positive force in both the Hampton Roads Community and across the world. We are diligently working to reverse the gap between the poor and the wealthy as evidenced by the disappearance of the middle class. Locally we serve the community providing classes, seminars and coaching individuals and families on how to better manage their finances to build wealth for their family and within their community. We have built a following that has extended beyond the Hampton Roads areas who are also working to close with wealth gap in their respective communities, first beginning with the inadequacies in their own personal finances." ( Facebook.com/mindovermoney, llc)

Tremaine works as a teacher in the Hampton Rodes VA area for her profession. She started Mind Over Money to combine her love for financial literacy and teaching.

I got to interview her and talk about money and how we can all make get our money right and get financially fit.

Question 1: What are some tips on how to budget?

Budget is the new B word. No one likes to budget but it's inevitable in order to reach financial goals. Budgeting is important because it gives us a road map to how we plan to reach our financial goals. If you don't know where you are going? How will you get there?

Question 2: 3 tips to budgeting:

1. Be realistic - if you know that you spend a lot eating out, slowly decrease that amount. It is unrealistic to say that you're going to go from spending $400/mo to $0/mo. This is where many people fail. Build a routine of sticking to your budget by making small incremental changes.

2. Have an accountability partner. Tell somebody! We struggle keeping the promises we make to ourselves. Telling someone else that you are going to do something holds a little more weight.

3. Think before you buy. Avoid impulse buying. Before any purchases over $100, sleep on it. Do you really need that item?

Question 3: How can you increase your income while you are in school or work a full-time job?

Create a side hustle and do something that you love to do. I have Mind Over Money, LLC as side hustle but I also have a passion for coaching. I am a certified track and field official and coach cheer leading. I get paid to do both. People have talents that they are seating on. We nee to be making extra income from our talents and gifts.

Question 4: What is wealth management? and how do we obtain it?

Wow, this is a loaded question! First, wealth management is the strategic accumulation and preservation of assets. We can obtain wealth management services by seeking professional resources. Unfortunately, Wealth Management is usually preserved for the wealthy. I am in a privileged position of helping lower income individuals and families gain access to these same services by first teaching financial literacy and then building legacy.

Qeustion 5: What is one thing you would advise us to do to get started?

The first step is to seek information. Learn about money. How to maximize your time so that you can live a higher quality of life. Get rid of the idea that it's ok to be broke. It's not! Everything costs more when you are poor. It's a sad and unfortunate reality. So change it. Email me. tremaine@mindovermoney.net. I'll help you get started.

Thank you Tremaine for sharing your financial expertise! Be sure to check out Tremaine's page Facebook page - Mind Over Money LLC, join her Facebook Group- Get Your Money Right and visit her website mindovermoney.net for more financial greatness :)

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