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Thrift Out Loud Update: Life, Adulting, Financial Freedom #GOALS

Hey hey Thrifters!

I hope all is well :) I haven't posted a bog in a while. You may have seen me post on IG and Facebook on a somewhat weekly basis. And I've been blessed with opportunities to speak at nonprofits. I've been doing what I can while still trying to have a positive impact with my brand.

Over the past few months or so I decided to do some reflection and find my WHY? behind why I do what I do. I originally made this blog to showcase clothes I bought for a fraction of the retail price. I want to inspire other women and let them know they can look their best regardless of their income. I had financial goals that were going to push me closer to becoming debt free. My number one goal was to get a better job that paid a higher salary. My other goal was to do the Baby Steps for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. By January 2017 I achieved both goals! I got a job that paid me $10,000 more then what I was making and I used my second part-time job income job to achieve Baby Step 1, save $1,000. Also in 2017 I got amazing opportunities withThrift Out Loud to speak at local nonprofits, be a Style Ambassador for Style Week Pittsburgh and work with NJWC Thrifitique Pittsburgh for their Designer Days Sale. It was such a blessing to have these opportunities. But by the end of last year I exhausted all of my baby step 1 savings and managed to have a bank account on "E"

How sway?!? Aren't you shopping thrifty?

Well yes and no. As my income went up so did my expenses. I got an apartment, paid bills and started buying groceries. My 2017 was my year of #Adulting Then to make matters worse I started to make poor financial decisions like getting credit cards, loans and going on vacations using my savings.

This year in 2018 I want to focus my blog on Finances and Fashion. I want to educate women on how to be thrifty in all areas of their life. Because buying thrifty fashion is great but cheap clothes add up and over time it can still cause a financial strain. So this year I'm going to dig deeper into finances while keeping the fashionable approach. I'm doing this because I think it is super important to be financially lit in all areas of our lives, not just fashion. My goal this year is to"Do Less, Live More" So I'll be going out less, shopping less, decreasing the business and focusing on my financial goals. In turn I plan to spend more time with loved ones and doing activities that really help my build personally and professionally. Stay tuned for more blogs and posts about getting my money right and hopefully it will encourage you too.

So Thrifters, let's make money moves together while looking good doing it!

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