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What's Your WOW Color?

Hey hey Thrifters!

I recently had the privilege of receiving a color consultation and style consultation from Sonia McKoy founder and image consultant at Style Management Experience. She really took her time helping me discover my WOW colors and revamping style. I will never look at clothes the same way again :)

Sonia had me sit in natural light and draped different color swatches around my neck to see which color brought out my skin and eyes. As I mentioned in previous post my favorite color is black. But I have to admit I never knew so many different bright colors complemented me.

Now when I shop I'll have to ask myself - "Is this a warm or spring color?" She gave me a little pocket sized color analysis to take with me while I pick out clothes to wear. This has helped me get out of my comfort zone and try new colors. And I now know one of my WOW colors is cherry red :)

For my style analysis I took a short quiz and she helped me unpack different key items that will exude my style. It said was Classic and City Chic. I'm not surprised though because this goes perfect with my personality. If I'd have to describe it i'd say it was business chic. Key items included blazers, blouses, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, business dresses and cool pieces you can ear to work or weekend with friends. The style analysis said I keep up with trends and that I am a strategic shopper meaning I only buy complementing pieces. I totally agree with that, and to take it one step further I shop thrifty too to save money to contribute to my financial goals :)

Thank you Sonia for the color and style consultation! To book Sonia for your next color or style consulation contact her at her website, and be sure to follow her on her on Instagram @mckoysonia and Twitter @msmckoy

Until next time Thrifters!



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