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My Thrifty Friends: Meet Christen Founder Of The Thrifty Yinzer Blog

Hey hey Thrifters!

Meet my thrift friend Christen. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh (hints the name Yinzer in her name). She likes shopping and loves fashion. Her two loves collided when she faced high priced retail fashion, while trying to professionally dress herself. Her goal of this blog is to prove that it doesn't take an unlimited budget to look amazing! Her blog teaches readers thrifting "techniques," as well as how to style classic work-wear and casual looks on a budget.


Thrift Out Loud: When did you become a thrift shopper?

Christen:I’ve been thrift shopping all my life. My mom and I used to thrift my clothes for school, I would thrift dresses for dances, and we would even thrift household items when I was redecorating my room growing up.

Thrift Out Loud: What inspired you to start the blog?

Christen: I enjoy writing, and I wanted an outlet for writing about something that I enjoy, which is shopping!

Thrift Out Loud: What is your favorite thrift find and why?

Christen: I get this question often, which would make one think that I have a good answer – but I don’t! I have so many good finds from over the years, including a long, plum colored winter coat from Jcrew that I bought at Plato’s Closet, a mini Louis Vuitton pouchette that I found at Goodwill, and a pair of nude patent leather peep toe Jimmy Choos that needed re-cobbled to make them good as new. I think my favorite aspect of thrifting is that it is not difficult or expensive to change my wardrobe. I can easily add new tops or a fresh pair of shoes for a minimal financial commitment.

Thrift Out Loud: What is your number one thrift rule? (Example- Only go on a certain day or time. Share something people wouldn't really know about.)

Christen:This is also a tough question, because there are so many facets to thrift shopping – so I’ll give my top thrift “tips:” Never discount one particular store because of one experience. Spend time looking through every item on every rack, that’s historically when I’ve found my most prized finds! And always remember to give yourself time. Yes, it is possible to find some amazing things within a 20 minute window, but allowing yourself an hour or two to actually scour the racks is when you’re more likely to find some real treasures!

Thrift Out Loud: Do you have any favorite thrift stores?

Christen: I’m very partial to the Goodwill of Southwestern PA, and I am determined to visit every store within the region at least once over the next year.

Thrift Out Loud: Whats next for Thrifty Yinzer?

Christen: I plan to continue enhancing the already popular thrift concierge services that I offer at Goodwill. These are free to the public and are good for anyone looking for styling guidance on a budget. I’ll also continue to stock my Thrifty Yinzer rack at the WearWoof shop on McKnight road. They are a locally based non-profit that benefits animal rescues in the area!

Another fun fact about Christen is that she is a very dedicated volunteer at the Humane Society here in Pittsburgh. Christen will be hosting Annie and Valentino’s wedding on Friday, September 8th, to benefit the Humane Animal Rescue! There will be food, music, dancing, and most importantly, dogs! This all-ages event will be a fundraiser for the newly formed HAR organization, with emphasis on spay/neuter efforts in the Pittsburgh area. Ceremony starts at 5pm, at the Westin, and tickets can be purchased through the HAR website in the coming weeks!

Thank you so much Christen for sharing :) To learn more about the Thrifty Yinzer check out Christen's website at thethriftyyinzer.com and be sure to follow her on Facebook, and Instagram.


Patrice McKenzie

Photo Credit- thethriftyyinzer.com

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