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HER Movement Summit Recap, Business Goals and New Beginnings

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Last month, I had the privilege of attending the HER Movement Summit for the second year in row. There were so many talented entrepreneurial women in the building. The summit was hosted by Kyshira Moffet, the Brand Strategist the KSM Group, Founder of This is Her Movement and Chief Bombshell Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics. There were also great speakers there to share tips and tricks on how to get your brand right. There were 15 speakers this year. Each speaker brought great perspectives on how to expand your brand to make it marketable and profitable. It was so inspiring! Here are some of my take always from just a few of the speakers -

Your Purpose is not about you! It’s about the people, person or change you are going to impact by walking in it” – Lachelle Binon founder of the Kismet Life shared some great gems about purpose. This quote stuck with me because I’m recently redefining my WHY? behind my brand. Lachelle’s speech was really engaging too. She challenged us all to write down an encouraging message on a sheet of paper and then put them in a box. Then after her speech she had us all go into the box and take one of the messages. This exercise was for us to encourage each other. I thought that was nice touch and definitely helped the women in the audience feel more connected.

“When you don’t do something, nothing happens. Don’t stunt your growth!”- Teresa Renee Hunt said it best. She always knows how to rev-up an audience and instill hope in everyone watching. Teresa Renee Hunt is a speaker, momprenuer and educator. She spoke about having fearless and faith. When she said the quote above I felt like she was speaking right to me! I totally understand and can relate. By not walking in your greatness you are stunting your growth. I sometimes sike myself out of opportunities because of fear. One thing she kept saying was that you have to move forward fearlessly. I enjoyed this speech. I felt even more encouraged to remove fears from my mind and keep pressing on in my business.

“Know your audience.” Rita Olds founder of Hay Days Design shared some helpful tips on how to design a website. She said this when referencing color scheme and marketing. She encouraged us to market our websites based on our consumer, client and/or site visitor. For me I use colorful pictures and images of clothes and myself because I focus on clothes. I also cater my site to women. So that's why I use bright colors. Rita stated if your product or service is for men your theme color will not use pink. Again- Know your audience.

Don’t drop your business like a mixed tape! Strategize your launch- Kyshira, host of the Hustle Her Way event keep it real. This may have worked for Beyonce’s Lemonade but it will not work for a business. During Kyshira’s Speak, Branding 2.0, she taught us how to launch a successful business. She is definitely an expert at this because she has launched multiple successful businesses. She told us in order to launch a successful business you must promote it before it’s officially out. Get your audience excited and create buzz around your product. She suggested using social media as a tool in order to get the word out. I really needed this because I have a few new business ventures in mind that I’d like to start soon. I know these tips will definitely be helpful for me in the near future.

Speaking of the near future ……

After the summit I felt so compelled to get my brand right I decided to apply for the second cohort of the Bombshell Brand Society. I’m happy to announce I was selected and I start training next week :) Woop Woop! I’m so excited and know this cohort experience will help me grow my brand, my business and develop into the entrepreneur I want to be.

Check out some of the pictures from the event!

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Patrice McKenzie

Photo Credit- All images were taken by Kesha Silver, founder of Kesha Silver Photography

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