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Thrifty Friends: Meet Patrice J Williams, Founder Of Looking Fly on a Dime®

Hey hey Thrifters!

I'm so excited to introduce Patrice J Williams, founder of Looking Fly on a Dime®. You may have seen her on-air style segments for the Today Show, Nate Berkus Show, WE tv or WPIX. I've been following Looking Fly on a Dime® for a while and I'm so honored to interview her for Thrift Out Loud!

About Patrice J Williams

Patrice is known by so many as the thrift shopping queen. She is a NYC-based writer who worked at top fashion magazines for 10 years. Patrice created Looking Fly on a Dime® for the woman who got her inspiration from magazines and celebrities but had a real life budget and the desire to craft her individual sense of style.

I started reading her blog when I was in college. I've always admired her frugal fashion blog and as a student the fashion forward style on a budget was just what I needed. Not long after I learned about Looking Fly on a Dime® I bought her book "How to Find Fabulous Fashion ant Any Thrift Shop& Make Cheap Look Chic." There was so many good tips in her book. It had great insight on how to navigate a thrift store and to how to get stylish clothes without breaking the bank.

Patrice William's Interview, Founder Of Looking Fly on a Dime®

Thrift Out Loud: Why did you start the blog Looking Fly on a Dime®?

Patrice Williams: I worked at fashion magazines for years and after being laid off from my last job, I wanted to create a space for women who love fashion and look to magazines for inspiration but have a limited budget. Also, I wanted to share the tips I learned so the every day woman can embrace her personal style.

Thrift Out Loud: What is your favorite thrift store or bargain store and why?

Patrice Williams: It's hard to narrow down one shop, but I love the Salvation Army {in particular the location on 46th Street in New York}. The sale items change daily and I love hitting them up on Wednesday when most items in the store are half off. You can't beat savings on top of savings. They also have really great furniture. I scored a pair of leopard dining room chairs and a chaise lounge for less than $100 total.

Thrift Out Loud: In your opinion, how has thrift shopping and bargain shopping evolved over the years? Is it just a trendy fad or smart shopping tactic?

Patrice Williams:Thrift shopping has definitely changed over the years. It used to be a dirty little secret and some people were even hesitant to admit they thrifted. I never felt that way, but many people did. However now, being a bargain shopper has become trendy, eco-chic and a smart tactic. Though thrift shopping is trendy for some people, there are others who know it's always a great go-to option for high style on a limited budget.

Thrift Out Loud: Is fast fashion a good option? ( Fast fashion are new fashion forward items that are inexpensive. Example- Forever 21, Rue 21, Charlotte Ruse)

Patrice Williams: Fast fashion can be a great option for a few pieces, but I think once a woman reaches a certain age, stage in her career or even knows her personal style, then it's time to start investing in pieces that will last a while.

Thrift Out Loud: What was the most amazing thrift find you ever found?

Patrice Williams: So far my best thrift store score has to be a vintage Christian Dior coat. It's fire engine red and has a black velvet collar and pockets. It was just $23 from a coat sale. I know this is an item I'll have in my closet forever and if I have a daughter, I'd love to pass it down to her.

Thrift Out Loud: How do you Thrift Out Loud on an everyday basis?

Patrice Williams: I'm a naturally frugal person and I always have been. I think I get that from my parents and I actually started thrifting with my mom when I was younger. Even when I shop for clothes at non-thrift stores, I never pay full price. I shop the clearance section and compare prices online for the best deals. I'm also frugal at the grocery store and when dining out. NYC can be super expensive, so I always know the best happy hours or brunch spots.

Thrift Out Loud: If you could leave one piece of thrift fashion advice for my readers, what would it be?

My one piece of advice would be to stop buying stuff at the thrift shop just because it's cheap. If that's you're only reason for buying something, then you're actually wasting money! Because there's a likelihood you'll never end up wearing it and it'll just take up space in your closet. Even if you can rationalize a purchase by saying it's just $1 or 2 bucks, eventually that racks up.

Thrift Out Loud: What's next for Looking Fly On A Dime?

This year I plan to focus on creating more content that helps women define their style and more "how to" stories about styling particular garments. I know so many women who buy cute clothes or see trends and have no idea how to actually style them for their every day life. Hopefully I can provide some solutions. And I also plan to host more events and foster a thrifty fashion community with my awesome readers.

To stay up to date on the Looking Fly on a Dime® blog and events sign up for the news letter HERE. And be sure to follow Patrice J William's on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more thrift fashion and lifestyle inspiration.


Patrice McKenzie

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