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Who Is Iris Van Herpen? Well, I'm Glad You Asked!

Hey hey Thirfters!

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you saw I went to a new Iris Van Herpen exhibit in Pittsburgh. It was amazing! I loved how Iris used unconventional materials to make breath taking designs. So who is Iris Van Herpen?

"Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer who is widely recognized as one of fashion’s most talented and forward-thinking creators who continuously pushes the boundaries of fashion design. Since her first show in 2007 van Herpen has been preoccupied with inventing new forms and methods of sartorial expression by combining the most traditional and the most radical materials and garment construction methods into her unique aesthetic vision. She calls this design ethos “New Couture.” Van Herpen is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a garment construction technique, and as an innovator who is comfortable with using technology as one of the guiding principles in her work because of its sculptural nature and unfamiliar form. The designer’s intent is to blend the past and the future into a distinct version of the present by fusing technology and traditional Couture craftsmanship." ( Irisvanherpen.com)

The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh has a Iris Van Herpen exhibit going on right now. It will be a featured exhibit until May 2017. I was so excited to finally see it this past Thursday at their monthly Third Thursday event. Check out this Instagram video I made of the Iris Van Herpen exhibit. And here are a few pictures I took of few of the designs.

See what I mean? Her designs are amazing! This Third Thursday was dedicated to Iris and "Transforming Fashion". They had fun actives for attendees like a fashion hunt in the exhibit and a station to sketch and design an outfit for a mannequin. And of course my friends from Center for Creative Reuse were there with super cool reused materials, sewing needles, scissors and pretty much everything we needed to make our very own fashion forward accessories. I made a bracelet out of a plastic tub, cloth and chains. I called it soft metal :)

Over all, I had so much fun on Thursday at the Carnegie Museum of Art's Third Thursday event. I'm so glad I got to see the Iris Van Herpen exhibit! If you haven't seen it yet I strongly suggest you see it before it's gone. know I'll be seeing it again :) Click HERE to learn more about the exhibit. To visit the museum click HERE for prices and visiting hours.



Photo Credit of Iris Van Herpen - Prote.in

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