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"What If Thrifting Is Not For Me?"

Last year I had the opportunity to present Thrift Out Loud to a small group of potential partners. I presented on thrift shopping, bargain hunting, resale stores and clothes swaps. After, I presented for about 10 minutes, someone asked me about the smell of thrift stores. Despite all the other topics I discussed the smell of thrift store was her main concern.

She asked me how do I manage the smell of thrift shopping. She said when she goes in there is a musty smell that she can not tolerate. My answer was two fold-

  1. Take what you buy to the cleaners to get the “smell” out

  2. If you are unable to withstand the smell, then thrift shopping is not for you

* Gasp* I know what you thinking- Did she just say that? Yes, I said it! Thrifting is not for everyone and I can’t force everyone to do it. As much as an advocate I am for thrifting I know some people physically can’t do it.

However there are alternatives to finding affordable clothes.

Here are some tips and tricks to get nice clothes for an affordable price without stepping foot in a thrift store.

  • Clothes Swaps– Like I mentioned in my presentation and in pervious post, clothes swaps are perfect to do with a group of friends, coworkers or classmates. All you need is space and people willing to swap clothes. This eliminates the overwhelmingness of thrifting and the “smell”

  • Online shopping– I use websites like Groupon and Honey to get great deals on pretty much anything. Groupon is a website where items are discounted at a low price and there is a set time the deal will be available. They have everything from mugs, clothes, exercise classes to exotic vacations destinations. Pretty much a one stop shop. Honey is similar to Groupon but it is a source that is downloaded onto your tool bar and searches for a coupon codes for each website you visit.

  • Department store sale racks– Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and JCPenny are becoming aware of the demand to buy inexpensive clothes. Macy’s just opened their backstage discount store in Pittsburgh, which will house thousands of discounted clothes to men, women and children. Nordstrom’s recently opened a Norstrom’s Rack in the Pittsburgh area. I didn’t get a chance to make the grand opening but I heard it was packed with people excited about the deals. Lastly, JCPenny started selling things for 1 penny, to play on their name. When you buy one item you get the second for a penny.



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