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Saving My Coins: 2017 $0 Clothes Budget

Hey hey Thrifters!

I decided to set a goal for 2017. I declare 2017 as my No Clothes Shopping year. Yes thats right; my budget for the entire year for clothes is $0! So, I know what you're thinking. "Patrice, How can you have a thrift fashion without shopping?" Simple, I will trade and swap clothes for an entire year. Oh and wear clothes I already own. I read numerous articles about this challenge and people seem to saw there are many benefits to this. I decided this year, 2017, I'm going to cut back on clothes shopping all together. I am super frugal when it comes to shopping but thrifty shopping can still add up. Why spend money on clothes when I can save it for something bigger?

I have financial goals that I want to meet in 2017. I want to pay off 30% of my student loans. I want to save for an apartment (Currently living rent free with my mom and dad) and cut my car loan in half. My overall goal is to be completely debt free by 30 years old. I'm currently 26 (turning 27), so I have some time. However, I want to be aggressive, B.E AGGRESSIVE, on paying off my debts.

One reason why I'm super thrifty is to prepare myself for financial freedom in the future. For me that means being debt free. Last year I attended a Financial Peace course at my church and it was so helpful. After that class I had the tools and the knowledge to start saving and managing my money better.

Here are a few sites to get your money right-

So who wants to join me?! If you want to do the $0 Clothes Budget Challenge go HERE to join me. It is a Facebook support group for no clothing shopping challenge. Share tips and tricks on how we resale, swap and trade our former threads :) Let's inspire each other to #Saveourcoinsin2017


Patrice McKenzie

Picture Credit - http://myfabfinance.com/guest-post-stopped-shopping-entire-year/

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