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Fall into Fall Fashion: 3 Of My Favs For The Season

Hey hey Thrifters!

Wow! It’s hard to believe today is the first day of fall! You know what that means? An overflow of orange decor, leaves changing colors, and pumpkin spiced everything. (I type this as I drink my pumpkin spice latte from Panera Bread :) ) . Along with the fall transition, fashion changes as well. It is one my favorite fashion seasons because we can start layering our outfits with stylish ponchos and light jackets and still be comfortable. Today I will show you a few of my favorite thrifted, bargain or clothes swapped fall fashions for the season. Enjoy!

Light jackets are great for this type of weather. You can still be stylish and warm. When it gets warmer through the day you can take it off and put it in your purse. I got this little jacket from Le Garage in New Orleans. They had some very unique pieces. I love this little wool jacket because of the vibrant design. It was only $15.

Ponchos are always a go to. It’s perfect for cool weather because you can just throw it over leggings or jeans, and go. I wear them to run errands, church, and school. If there is ever a day you don’t feel like spending 15 to 20 minuets getting dress throe on a poncho and cut your morning routine in half. I got this from Macy's for a great price. The poncho was only $10.

Along with the layering comes super cute boots! I mentioned in previous posts I love shoes and boots are under that category. They are great because they come I so many styles and lengths. These are a pair of riding boots I got from ROSS. They were only $40. Riding boots are usually around $200 at department stores. I'll take $40 any day.

So thrifters fall into fall fashion in style. You can now retire your summer threads for warmer weather clothes. Enjoy wearing layers, boots and drinking your yummy pumpkin lattes by the fire place.


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